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Speech on education: Students are encouraged to speak in the schools or in the program somewhere. This action increases confidence in children. Most of the children are not able to speak properly on the stage or in the crowd of people.

In order to eliminate this fear and hesitation, children are encouraged by frequent cultural activities in schools. Their teachers prepare them for this work. And repeated efforts end fear of the children. Find here speech for 26th January in Hindi.

In this type of work order, the participating children are able to speak anywhere in the crowd or on a larger platform. There are speeches on education for children, which the children will be able to understand or give a speech anywhere.

speech on education

1. Speech On Education (500 words)

Respected Teachers and Chairman, Dear guardians from far and wide, my dear brothers and sisters. I’m supposed to be Ghazi Khan father-mo Shams Azad village, Parsa.

I feel myself very lucky And proud that today I have the opportunity to speak on education in the courtyard of the “Murad Memorial Public School”.

When the light of education falls on the person’s face as like a mirror. So the rays enforced by that mirror removes the darkness of ignorance from society. Education is a weapon with the help of which human change their lives. After acquiring an education, man recognizes himself. Educated people have a better understanding of their duty not only to the family but to society and the country.

Education is the tool that helps us to stand on all the challenges in our lives. It keeps us happy and peaceful. As well as the way to live a better social life for humans.

Education removes darkness, all fears, all doubts from our lives. And it helps us find a beautiful career in this beautiful world. Education decorates and carries out our life. It makes man’s entire development.

Today, human beings reached the moon, it is due to the advantage of education. In ancient times people used to ride horses, foot walk, and bullock cart to move from one place to another. Which took a lot of time.

But today motorcycles, trains, cars, aircraft etc. are used. By which thousands of miles are travelled in a short time. If people did not receive an education then today we could not enjoy all these facilities.

Only after getting the education, people have invented the computer, mobile, the machine, and many more new technologies. From which we are passing our lives easier.

Today, treatment of major diseases is easily done. It has been possible due to education. Just as full diet provides strength to our body. In the same way, education makes us stronger and beautiful from inside and outside.

It is said that the educated person can never starve. The future of an educated person is secure. After acquiring an education, a man easily earns his family’s livelihood.

The only well-educated persons make doctors, engineers, pilots, and works on a big post. A well-educated person gets a valuable post in a big factory or a big company.

Education is our fundamental right. We should get the education in every situation. Now I stop my speech here.

                Jay Hind, Jay Bharat, Jay Jawan, Jay Kisan, Azad Rahe Hindustan

2. Speech On Education (400 Words)

Respected teachers, dear guardians, the guest from far away and my dear classmate brothers and sisters. Today, I feel a great reward by getting an opportunity to give a speech on education.

I am going to explain the importance of education and its advantages in front of you. If it sounds good, then give me the sympathy for my frustration. Education is not only necessary but it is mandatory for human lives.

A man without education is incomplete. The elderly have said that the uneducated man is like the animal. It is also said, “A wise enemy is better than a foolish friend.”

As the clean water cleanses the filth of our body. In the same way, education removes filth, evil and darkness from our lives. And brings light, goodness, and happiness to our lives.

It teaches us to respect our elders and to love the little ones. Recognizes our parents and God. A new idea creates an understanding of the world.

The educated person plays a vital role in the development of family, society, and country. Education imparts the highest style of life to humans. It produces good character inside us and makes knowledge of self-realization.

Children of educated people must get the education. A Mahatma has said that the fish in the water does not teach their children to swim. They learn to swim themselves. In the same way, the educated person has to give directions only to educate their children.

There are many benefits to getting an education. The educated person is not a victim of inferiority complex. He gets a new perspective on life. Empowerment and civilization can be assimilated. The difference between animals and humans seems to be visible. Ignorance is free from the cover.

Education makes humans ordinary to extraordinary. That’s why everybody should try hard to get an education. So saying that I stop my speech on education here.

                   Jay Hind, Jay Bharat, Jay Jawan, Jay Kisan, Azad Rahe Hindustan

3. Speech On Education (400 Words)

Respected teachers, dear guardians, the guests from far away and my dear classmate, brothers, and sisters. Today, I feel delighted by getting an opportunity to give a speech on education and sharing my ideas about education.

Education is such a shining sun that puts its light on the Moon called man. And from that moon, the reflected educational light remove darkness from the whole world.

It is an aromatic flower sits inside the human body, which keeps the society, the country and the whole world fragrance not only the family.

The great purpose of education is to develop the innate powers by creating a good character in man. There are so many powers within man that the knowledge of man itself does not exist.

Education destroys the evil forces inside man. And by developing good powers, it helps in helping the society, the country, and the world. It develops physical, psychological and spiritual powers. Today, the entire world is engaged in the development of the universe by riding a vehicle called education.

Education is also of great importance in daily life. A well-educated person lives very well in his daily life. In addition to his family, contributes to a better society.

An educated person can effectively serve the society and the country by strengthening its economic status better than an illiterate person. The educated person understands its duty towards society and the nation better. And adheres to your duty.

An educated person can educate not only his family but also the entire society. The uneducated person has to face many problems. If an uneducated person goes in a bank, then the help of an educated person has to be taken. While the educated person does his job without any assistance himself.

The educated person does not need anyone’s help to go to an unknown place. Places are placed on the board, read on where reads go smoothly. But the uneducated person has to get the help of an educated person.

The educated person does not need anyone’s help to go to an unknown place. Directions are placed on the board with the help of which he can reach anywhere smoothly. But the uneducated person has to get the help of an educated person or another person.

Today sports is given great importance in all over the worlds. People in the sports world also secure their future. But in order to make a future in the sports, it is necessary for man to be educated. An uneducated person does not even have their own future in the sports. All the players are educated in the sports world.

Thus education is mandatory for human life. So we should get the education in every situation. With this, I stop my speech. Thank you:

Jay Hind, Jay Bharat, Jay Jawan, Jay Kisan, Azad Rahe Hindustan, “Murad Memorial Public School” Zindabad

4. Speech On Education (300 Words)

Respected Guruvar, guardians and guests, my dear companion, brothers and sisters, and the President, Namaskar. I am feeling very proud of getting an opportunity to speak on this virtuous date of today.

Today I will put my thoughts towards education in front of you. Education is the most important mechanism of human life. It plays an important role in the development of the country along with the individual.

Education brings many changes in human life. After acquiring this, the human becomes an efficient citizen in his society. We should spread it on a large scale.

Like many great men of our country did. They dedicated their entire life to educating their society and country. Sarsaiyad Ahmed understood the quality of education and established “Aligarh Muslim University” for its expansion.

The people got benefited and will always be benefited. Similarly, there are many examples in our country. Among them, a social reformer, Rana Bai Ranade, also understood the quality of education. She knew that the educated man becomes worthy to understand his duties and rights.

She established a school called “Poona Sadan” in view of the crispy status of education. Ranbai Ranade has done commendable work in educating poor and orphan children.

We should tell the importance of education its quality to every person of the society. If we can do this then society will progress with a new power. The strength of education is considered to be the greatest strength.

I urge all education lovers to continue their efforts to expand the education to their levels.


Jay Hind, Jay Bharat, Jay Jawan, Jay Kisan, Azad Rahe Hindustan, “Murad Memorial Public School” Zindabad:

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