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Importance of Girl Education For The Betterment Of Indian Society

“Importance of girl education for the betterment of Indian society”. Let’s know about it throughout edurings. It is our sorrow that some people think education for the girl is not necessary. It is totally a wrong idea. Grown-up boys and girls became wife and husband. Wife and husband are like two wheels of a cart. If one wheel of a cart is weaker, then cart cannot move easily. Know here the importance of girl education in Hindi.

An educated girl can educate their whole family. Girls should be well educated for the betterment of Indian society or the whole world. Now in a few days for development of India and Indian society girls are serving better. In every area of development, women education is most important. Now we will know the importance of girl education, the problem of girl education and its solution in details.


If we educate a girl that means we educate a family and a whole nation. It ensures that children of an educated girl will gain an education. A well-educated woman can take care of her family better. She can prevent her family and her self from the disease. Those girls who receive a good education less likely in contact with HIV & AIDS.

She can share the burden and can improve the income of her life partner. After the death of her life partner can earn a living. Every person wants a well-educated wife and mother. Education of girls makes homes a happy place.


For the betterment of country and society, girls are serving in all areas of development. They are working as doctors, teachers, writers, engineers and in much more areas with the help of their good education. Girls who are well educated are playing a better role to make a happy society. They are serving as a social worker in society. Generally, in the rural area, they are giving their important time to educate the poor children.



There are many negative thoughts about the girls’ education in some of the family. Mostly in villages, it is a thought among them. That,  the women are made to serve their husband and increase the generation. Also that the girls are other’s property. Distinguish between boys and girls is also a factor. Some of them fell into fear of protection for girls at out of the station.


Girls are facing many societal problems on their educational journey. Fear of their dignity loss. The mentality of bad elements created a rape culture it is a huge milestone on the way of girls education. Bad relationship with the opposite gender. Early marriage is also a societal problem. generally in villages, girls got married in their teens. After that their educational journey get stopped.

Importance of girl education for the betterment of Indian society


Lake of girls school is also a problem of girls education.  There are no more girls schools for girls education In the rural area. The distance between two girls school is more than a minimum 10 Km. It is also a problem of girl education.


In combined schools where boys and girls both are on the way of education. There are not sufficient women teachers. It is also a problem of girls education generally in the rural area.


Education is the most powerful weapon. That can be used to solve the problems of human lives. Educated persons of society can take a commitment. And can solve the problem of girls education. They should give them some important time for the development of society as a social worker. Mostly in rural areas. They should convince those persons, who don’t know the importance of girl education for the betterment of Indian society.

Importance of girl education for the betterment of Indian society


Generally, in rural areas, an educated person can form a committee. And can play a better role in women education. they can meet the chief of those family who has a wrong idea. That,  girls, are made for only take care of their husband and birth children. An educated person can convince them. Girls are not made for only take care of their husbands and birth child. An educated girl can play a better role for her country, society, and family. She can prepare their children as a gentleman. And a better server of the country.

People should come to know a cart can’t move properly with a weaker wheel. As same as a family can’t be progressive if the wife will be uneducated. So,  grown-up boys and girls as a well-educated wife and husband.

Only education can change the way of thinking of the bad elements of society. In a few days, girls get awareness. Now it is wrong to think that girls are not safe out of the station. The government of India making every possible attempt to ensure the girls’ safety in our country.


Now poor families can also send their daughters to school. The government is providing Poshak Rashi, scholarship, cycle, and midday meal to promote the girls. Not only government but private schools are also playing a better role to educate the girls.

It is pleasant “MURAD MEMORIAL PUBLIC SCHOOL PARSA BAZAR” district – Sitamarhi in Bihar is also playing a better role to educate all girls. More girls are getting free education in this school from nursery to eighth. The managing committee and the teachers have been taking the knee interest in the importance of girl education for the betterment of Indian society.

importance of girl education for the betterment of Indian society



For the solution of girls schools. The government should establish a separate girls school in every village. It will be a better solution to the problem of women education.

If every person gets to know the importance of girl education for the betterment of Indian society and educates their girls. Then the lack of ladies teacher will solve automatically.


This situation is worrisome for society. All efforts need to be made to overcome this evil culture. Legal Services Organizations will have to cooperate and promote public welfare against child marriage.

It will be known to the public that child marriage is a legal crime. The system has become such that even after child marriages. It is not possible to survive in the eyes of the law. If the child is married. Then definitely those who marry, get married will be punished.

It is necessary to create a concrete work system with the promotion of communication. It is not just the paperwork or the zodiac deposit expenses. And all the stakeholders should discharge their obligations in good faith. And ensure that child marriage must be stopped before it is organized. If there is a child marriage concerned guilty person should be brought before the law and punished.

If we succeed in doing the above arrangement on the ground. Then that day is not far when our society is free from the evil of child marriage.

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  1. Fact… Every girl needs education, education will change our life, our society and lifestyle we need to give education to every girl…
    Education is the most powerful weapon

    ” Beti padhao Beti badhao “

  2. Shehbaz Begam

    Education is the most powerful weapon, really that can improve the country, society, and family. All girls should be educated for the betterment of Indian society.

  3. First of all Sir
    Higher levels of parent educational attainment are strongly associated with positive outcomes for children in many areas, including school readiness,[1] educational achievement,[2] incidence of low birthweight, health-related behaviors including smoking and binge drinking,[3],[4] and pro-social activities such as volunteering.[5] Children of more educated parents are also likely to have access to greater
    material, human, and social resources.

  4. We belong to a rural area.we are very happy that M M P School Parsa Bazar Distt Sitamarhi in Bihar has been making every attempt to educate girls in rural area

    1. I read every section of this detailed message and felt it very fruit ful. “Just keep up the good work .”

      1. Thank you, We are trying to make people aware those who do not understand the importance of girls education till now.

  5. Mohammad Shafi Haider

    I felt happiness to have this message on facebook. I found it very essential and effective. I have every hope, it will increase the ratio of girls education.

  6. Having come to know from the passage on the fecebook that the government must establish girl schools in every village. Which could promote girls

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