Essay On The Cow

The cow is a pet animal. It is a useful animal. It is a pet animal but apart from this, it is a wild animal too. Mostly cows are of five to seven feet long. And its height is about four feet. As like a buffalo the cow has one mouth, a head, two ears, one nose, two horns, four legs, four teats and a long tail. It is found in many countries as in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and many more. Its meat is known as beef. Muslim community use its meat as food. Hindu community worship the cow and call it Gau Mata. The cow gives us milk. The milk of the cow is very healthy for us. People drink their milk and get healthy. Its milk is full of nutrition. Dung of cow is also useful. It is used as fertilizer. Its dung is used for fuel too in villages.


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Essay On The Cow

The cow is a four-footed domestic female animal. It is also found in wild. It has a mouth, one nose, two eyes, two ears, two horns, a neck, four feet, four teats, and a long tail. The cow eats grass, bamboo leaves, bhoosa, grains etc. But it loves to eat green grass. There are many colours of cows in the world. As white, blak, red and brown. The cow gives us milk that is full of nutrition. People make many things with the help of its milk. As like sweets, butter, curd and ghee etc. It gives us calves too, which grow as an ox and help us in cultivation and pulling the cart. Some people worship the cow and call it as gau mata. The cow is a useful animal for human being. The cow is useful after its death too. After its death, people use their skin for bag and shoes making. Its dung is also used for cultivation and fuel. So we can say that the cow is a useful animal for us.

essay on the cow